Friday, 31 July 2009

Visit to the Church

Couldn't believe it but this morning it wasn't raining so I decided to go for a walk to the Church next door. My owner wasn't around so I strolled up the road instead of going through the churchyard (He shouts at me if I go up the road, don't know why it's not exactly the M25, whatever that is !!!) and guess what; I had a go at catching a grass snake in the churchyard, not easy to catch at all, I much prefer a juicy mouse.

Monday, 27 July 2009

New Brush

My owner has gone out and bought a new brush from Pets are Us just for me! Every morning after he has cooked breakfast for the guests he gives me a brush. I'm amazed at all the hair that comes out and at one point I thought I might be going bald!

That fat cat came calling again this week but I flexed my muscle and he decided to buzz off. If he rolled on me I be crushed!

Spent the night under the X5 because of the rain, rain and more rain, it's not funny anymore and I really miss having a good kip on the sun lounger, bring back the sun because cats like to nap in the sunshine. I can't remember the last time I chased a moth around the garden after dark. I did see a Silver Y on the kitchen window last night but it was too high to get, and on the same window was a Lobster moth, I like chasing those too!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My mate Glynne

My mate Glynne sent me this photo of us at the Girlings Apprentices Dinner held at the pub last year. As you can see we are good mates. Glynne doesn't mind if I dribble on his best shirt cos that's what friends are for!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Black Rat

When the locals where talking about Black Rat I just had to listening in on the conversation. It wasn't what I expected though, It was some kind of drink they called cider; nothing like the brown long tailed creature I was thinking of that makes a wonderful supper!
I had a visit from a very fat cat the other day, he sat on a grave stone and I thought it might of collasped but it didn't, hell he was big! Thankfully he wasn't looking for a fight but if he had been I was ready; to run up stairs and hide under the bed!