Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm back!

It's been a little while since I made a journal entry, but today everyone is talking about Michael Jackson, never heard of him!! The rain is coming down and I'm sitting under my favoutire car, cos it warm and dry here.
Watched the swifts yesterday flying over the pond and sometimes diving in, wish I could catch one for my supper.
I haven't caught a mouse for I while because it's been too hot and it makes my sleepy if it's too hot.
The guests in our B&B are nice and I'm getting a lot of attention, I like that! Also my owner splashed out on a cat brush this week (about time too) and now I'm getting rid of some unwanted fur.
Big party last week and lots of strange people turned up including a vampire, I've never seen one before, a Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Garden Gnome and someone called Fred Flintstone who looked like a cave man to me. They drank lots of something that made them laugh and talk very loud and gave them the wobbles, very strange these humans!
Heard my owners talking about Milly's (Basset Hound) house being hit by lightning last night, hope Milly is OK. The sky is very dark and thundery so I 'm going to sit on the top of the tree stump, lighting will never get me up here , I'll be quite safe.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Here comes the rain

I can smell rain in the air today, that will save my owner having to water the plants. Hello to Lilly Lou, a new follower of my blog, let me know what you're up to Lilly and a bit about yourself.
had a bit of a restless night last night with Mr Owl practicing for the job of Town Crier! and to crown it all Woody Woodpecker was back for breakfast. I'm thinking of moving to the city to get away from all the noise.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Lots of flowers

Had a bit of a set to this morning with a raven that landed near to my breakfast, I knew exactly what he was after but like a bullet from a gun I was there in a flash.
Cant help noticing the flowers on my way to a cosy spot under the honeysuckle and sweet peas.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bees on the Honeysuckle

Bees are so busy they make me tired, they spend all day on the Honeysuckle, luckily for me I have a nice chair with a really cosy cushion. It's 24 degrees already so my snooze alarm has gone off. Lots of Blue Tits feeding on the nuts today but no sign of that noisey Woodpecker so I might catch a nap!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Noisey Owl

As you know I haven't had a lot of sleep today and now Mr Owl has started hooting from the oak tree over the pond. SHUT UP!!!! How is a cat supposed to sleep, its worse than being in the city (I think), but I'm not sure!


Well the weather was glorious, the kind of sunny day that's just right for napping on the owners steamer, he didn't mind sharing and I got my tummy and ears rubbed; lush! Got a bit worried about 11.00am when two buzzards circled overhead for about 20 minutes (well I'm not very big) but the ravens in the copse to the south of our garden were screaming like mad monkeys and I think the buzzards disliked all the noise so they pushed off. Woody Woodpecker made hell of a noise tapping at the peanuts in the cherry tree so as you can imaging I haven't had a lot of sleep today.

Friday, 12 June 2009

The Cherry Tree

I felt a bit frisky this morning having had a good nap in the hedge. I broke my record for climbing the cherry tree but now I feel a bit tired so I'm going for a nap on the warm crazy paving slabs.
Lots of squirrels about today and Woody Woodpecker has had a real go at the nuts hanging in the cherry tree. A nuthatch turned up as well to enjoy the peanuts

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Feeling Full

My owner shouted at me today because I kept on asking to be fed. I got through 4 pouches and 3 meaty sticks from Aldis, I love um! Since he cut the hedge I've found a lovely bed for night snoozes. Its quite a pleasant night tonight, the honeysuckle scent is quite strong when I walk down the path next to the terrace and the stars are really bright but they have a log fire in the pub, so soft these humans!
Mr Owl is having a meeting in the tree behind the church and a fox tried to stare me out earlier.
Off for a nap now.

Purrrrrfect Day

The sun shone today and it was good to be a pussy cat living in the country. There were a lot of butterflies around but I was too lazy to chase them. I sat in the churchyard in case there were any juicy mice around but no luck today, my owner photographed me alert and ready to pounce on anything that moved.
It was too warm to pee everywhere so I had a nap instead.
My owners were talking about going to a wedding and needing a new coat. Well what about me, I thought, I've had the same coat since I can remember and it is beginning to look a bit tatty now even though I wash it every day.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A new friend

Well, I'm gobsmacked I have a friend in Dubai called Sheikh. That must be outside of the village cos I never heard of it. Purrrrhaps we can meet up for a scrap sometime.

A Tom with balls

Just had a skirmish with the tom (called JACK) from up the road. He pisses me off because he still has his balls. I really miss mine, the smells just not the same anymore!

Next Doors Dog

That dirty dog has had a poo on our lawn and just left it there! How they can do that and not cover it over is beyond me!

Upset Tummy

Well I hate to admit it but that mouse has given me the shits, although saying that, my owner has changed my pouches and the new food includes bits of carrot for Heavens sake, whoever heard of a cat eating carrots! Not only that but I have a bit of indigestion too and now to crown it all its started raining, Great; I'm off to find a dry place to sit while I wait for my owners to come back from shopping!

Let Pets Talk

My name is Puskins and I'm a cat. I live in the country and my owners run a very old pub. They are kind to me and I like where I live. Some of the other cats in the area try to come into my garden but I don't stand for that and get rid of them. I pee around the area to let them know I live here but they still come noseing around. Yesterday I sat on the garden wall and waited, sure enough after abount 20 minutes I caught a juicy field mouse. I tend not to eat it straight away, I like to play with it for a while but in the end I can't resist it. Yesterdays mouse was particulary tasty.
I would like to talk to other animals out there so please tell me what you do all day.