Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My new friend Buster

Well just look at him showing off in the sink! Nice of you to send me some photos Buster. You seem to have it sorted at your house don't you!! obviously the boss, as it should be of course.Keep in touch and send me some more photos if you want.
Lots of love


  1. I have just seen my photos on your blog-site and don't I just look splendid? I was in the sink getting a drink, normally prefer a nice fresh slurp from the toilet bowl but some idiot had shut the lid!

  2. Hello again, Puskin, it's Buster. I have just been brought home from the Cattery Prison where I was incarcerated for a week by my Staff (the chef and the chauffeur), I was furious and managed to squeeze out a huge turd on the way home to punish the swines. That showed them who's boss!
    Are you keeping on top of the mouse and rabbit population at the Pub? Let me know if you need any help as I could do with the exercise...regards B.