Friday, 2 October 2009

My number one fan

Look I know I'm popular and all that but my mate Gary doesn't mind if I dribble on him. He knows I only dribble when I'm happy and he comes a long way just to see me!
Well Gary just to let you know that the last few days have been so warm I've been having a lot of naps in the churchyard but now the log fire is lit in the pub at night I can warm my nose on that.
I'm still working hard as car park attendant sniffing all the cars to see what's going on (it's a cat thing).
Let me know when you're coming to pub again.
Lots of dribbles



  1. Puskins you are one fabulous cat if you dont mind me saying so !! and your greeting to us yesterday as you descended the stairs to make sure we were enjoying our lunch was quite musical to the ear. please tell your personal tin opener that we really enjoyed our lunch, have recommended lunch at your hostelry far and wide, and indeed will be back ourselves to see you soon.

  2. Meow puskins, Storm cat here. I have a blog site which I just started; check it out. Unfotunately don't have any followers yet - must all be out hunting, either that or their stupid owners can't work a computer!
    Look forward to meeting up for a scrap sometime.

    Paws & claws