Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm back!

It's been a little while since I made a journal entry, but today everyone is talking about Michael Jackson, never heard of him!! The rain is coming down and I'm sitting under my favoutire car, cos it warm and dry here.
Watched the swifts yesterday flying over the pond and sometimes diving in, wish I could catch one for my supper.
I haven't caught a mouse for I while because it's been too hot and it makes my sleepy if it's too hot.
The guests in our B&B are nice and I'm getting a lot of attention, I like that! Also my owner splashed out on a cat brush this week (about time too) and now I'm getting rid of some unwanted fur.
Big party last week and lots of strange people turned up including a vampire, I've never seen one before, a Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Garden Gnome and someone called Fred Flintstone who looked like a cave man to me. They drank lots of something that made them laugh and talk very loud and gave them the wobbles, very strange these humans!
Heard my owners talking about Milly's (Basset Hound) house being hit by lightning last night, hope Milly is OK. The sky is very dark and thundery so I 'm going to sit on the top of the tree stump, lighting will never get me up here , I'll be quite safe.

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