Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Let Pets Talk

My name is Puskins and I'm a cat. I live in the country and my owners run a very old pub. They are kind to me and I like where I live. Some of the other cats in the area try to come into my garden but I don't stand for that and get rid of them. I pee around the area to let them know I live here but they still come noseing around. Yesterday I sat on the garden wall and waited, sure enough after abount 20 minutes I caught a juicy field mouse. I tend not to eat it straight away, I like to play with it for a while but in the end I can't resist it. Yesterdays mouse was particulary tasty.
I would like to talk to other animals out there so please tell me what you do all day.


  1. Salaam Alaikum Pushkins!
    I am His Royal Gingerness Sheikhy Zee, Crown Ruler of 807 Marina Sail, Dubai. You look so purdy and I would really like to be your friend.
    Your life is very different to mine. My home is on the 8th floor and because I am a Soveriegn Ruler I tend to stay inside so my humans can pander to my every whim. I have to say they are really lovely, especially my lady human Izzy although recently she has been sitting at her desk alot talking to me about databases. Frankly, as long as she's tickling my ears she can talk about whatever she wants. My male human, Mr Roger is also really kind and throws mice for me. I've never eaten one though, the purple and yellow fluff with the strange rattle inside has kinda put me off. No wonder you had the shits! Generally I stick to Iams, they're pretty tasty and when Mr Roger isn't looking Izzy gives me milk which I luuuuurve. I once tasted a bird on my balcony which was pretty cool but upset seemed Izzy A LOT, something about the blood and feathers, who cares. Anyway it's my bed time now and I'm about due another cuddle.
    Speak to you soon Pushkins.
    Lots of purrs
    Sheikh xxx

  2. Well what a small world it is, but I new that anyway. You do sound a bit posh but it nice that you want to be my friend. Must be honest I like your style,Its nice to have your food served when you want it (just make a noise for ten minutes)that works for me. Can you ask your Roger if he can throw me a mice please.

  3. Hi, I,m Buster, a huge black and white from rural Wales. Have been reading the Pussy Monologues and want to join in please? Will send my CV and latest pix asap. Luv you to bits, Bussy Boy